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Welcome to our website . We are introducing our modern product with world leading technology to you called UCOWS. UCOWS is a collar with built in sensors. It collects the cow's information of activities such as fertility cycles, general health , location and other relevant information.  The collar sends the data to the cloud via local cellular network . The system gives the analysis results after having comparative analysis of the big data and sends the user notification through the network or the mobile App that we provide to the user's mobile phones or other devices so the user knows which cow should be checked by animal doctor and which cow needs to  be picked up for breeding and so on.
After seeing all the information , you might be wondering what benefits the user can get.  According to the experts, the user can save up 50 Canadian dollars per day from each cow wearing our product UCOWS . The product can shorten the calving cycle safely at the same time it can make the farmers work easily efficiently remotely effectively. It can be installed easily and it can be used conveniently . It also bring users the following economic benefits;
1.The milk producton efficiency rate will be increased by 5%.
2. The group expansion speed and the asset apprciation speed will be increased by 5%.
3. Cow's life will be prolonged by 20%.
4. It can also save about 5% of feed frozen semen medicines etc.
If you are interested in more details , please feel free to contact us.
In a word , the cows will be more healthy and live longer with our product .  The milk from the cows wearing the collars will be more healthy . The people who drink the milk will be more healthy.


Smart Ranch Solutions is based on IoT Internet of Things which makes diary farming work more efficiently and makes dairy farmers' job much easier and more convenient. 
The system is secure. We have the following core resources: 8 invention patents , 3 local standards, 28 software copyrights, 18 utility model patents, 10 appearance patents
The whole system has good stability compatibility reliability with good user friendly interface which is easy to used. 




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