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About Us

We are software and information technology services company with with 28 software copyrights and 18 utility model patents and 10 appearance patents.  We have launched a ' Smart Ranch ' product system of ' one core , seven masters and many supporting facilities '. 

Core Product : 

UCOWS Dairy Monitoring Cloud System (Little Boy)

Main Products :

TMR  monitoring of the cloud system

Dairy cow inventory system

MRS production measurement cloud system

Automatic body condition scoring system 

Automated gait scoring system

Environmental monitoring cloud system

Lounge scale system

The products have passed the US FCC certification , EUCE certification , South Korea KC certification , Thailand NBTC certification.

The UCOWS Dairy Monitoring cloud system has covered more than 400,000 livestock since 2009. 


  About Our Product

Scientists have predicted there will be food shortage by 2050 because of the increased population of 9.6 billion. The climate changes as consequence of global warming have resulted in reduction of arable land and availability of fresh water. Agriculture consumes 70% planet's fresh water . Therefore  agriculture sector is presently approaching new threshold . Stakeholders who play important role in food producing  industry are facing new challenges . We, Smartying Group Inc. can help dairy farmers with our IoT-based product.  IoT is an interconnection system among the internet , other sensing and actuating devices that can process data on various platforms via cloud computing or data analysis etc. Sensing technology allow milk producing more intelligent and more scientific . Smart Dairy Farming represents a digital solution to increase milk production and quality . 

To have milk , dairy cows must produce calves . To produce calves , dairy cows must have estrus cycle and ovulation cycle .Our product is a collar with built-in sensor that collects information about the cow's estrus and other activities dynamically in real time and send to the actuating device of our system where data analysis will be done and the relevant smart solutions will be sent to the farmer's mobile devices so that the farmers can get notifications earlier and take actions immediately . With the help of our product , artificial breeding becomes more scientific and more efficient . Dairy cows used to suffer the side effect from the 17890 hormone needles that was harmful for the cows' health . With our smart digital solutions, the cows' health will be  maintained to live longer .The effective rate of our monitoring of estrus in the cows is 95%. It reaches 100% in some dairy farms according to our customers' experiences. 

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